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An easy getaway with lots to do, see and taste

BERNARDSTON – These days, with the economy less than ideal, a lot of people are opting to spend vacation days close to home instead of traveling for weeks at a time.

One day trip that is sure to have something for everyone in the family is a visit to Kringle Candle Company in Bernardston, near the Vermont border.

It’s a quick hour and a half or so drive from the Pittsfield area. Visitors can take Route 91 or go the back way on Route 9. The latter is more picturesque and has plenty of unique stops along the way.

For instance, there are numerous hand-grown vegetable stands where one can stock up on fresh tomatoes or corn.

There are signs for all kinds of plants and herbs and even piglets! For these reasons, as well as for the stunning, natural vistas along green forests and a trickling brook, Route 9 is much more interesting than the turnpike.

Owner’s dad started Yankee Candle Company

Kringle Candle Company’s owner, Mick Kittredge III, is the son of Mike Kittredge II, the original owner of the well-known Yankee Candle Company.  He sold it due to health reasons in 1998.

In a brochure for Kringle Candle Company, the owner notes he was just eight years old when his father sold Yankee Candle Company but running a candle business was in his blood all along.

The entire operation of Kringle Candle Company is just two years old and everything is state-of-the-art.

There’s a 10,000-square foot showroom that’s a feast for the eyes as well as the nose.

Visitors will find only all-white candles with more than 100 fragrances.

How about trying a lemon rind-scented candle or pumpkin latte?  There are so many appealing scents that it’s enough to make one’s head spin.

Green company

It’s a green company, too. Some of the buildings are geothermally heated and cooled with renewable energy produced by a series of deep underground wells, according to the company’s  brochure.

There’s an on-site laundry, too, which eliminates deliveries from other facilities. Disposable utensils used are fully compostable.

It is noted that all Kringle buildings use “highly efficient systems to reduce energy consumption.”

All the candles are dye-free and have pure fragrance oils. The company prides itself on offering candles that yield “the most luminous white light.” There’s even lettering above the showroom door that reads “See the Light.”

Candles just for men

Anyone who was under the impression candle shopping is for women, only, will be interested to know that Kringle Candle Company has a new men’s line of candles. It’s referred to as KCM (Kringle Candle Men’s line).

There are 13 fragrances made completely with men in mind such as one with a mystical Eastern scent, united sandalwood and patchouli.

Then there’s the candle that is “romantically smoky with rare Oriental woods and tobacco leaf” as well as one that smells like leather, citrus and amber!

The company has offerings for the public on two sides of the road. In addition to the candle showroom, there is a huge building housing the Kringle Christmas Barn with all things holiday, Kringle Chocolate Cottage (which is enter at your own risk for dieters)  and The Farm Table Café, which opened just two weeks ago.

The grounds of Kringle Candle Company include white fencing, attractive brick walkways, a fountain and eye-popping flowers and plants, many in bright red containers.

Just taking a walk around the impeccably-maintained grounds is worth the trip to Bernardston.

Tables sport bright red umbrellas. One can grab a sandwich from the new café and dine al fresco during the warmer months.

Kids will love toy shoppe

Kringle Candle Company is a great place to take kids, too. They will love seeing the toy shoppe in the Christmas Barn.

If discovering new places is something your family loves to do, Bernardston’s Kringle Candle Company is the perfect destination.

It’s open seven days a week from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. For more detailed information, check out their website at

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