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Kickin’ it back and keepin’ up with the sports world

Congratulations to Lee senior Jake “Leep” LeProvost on joining the 1,000-point club with his 32-point performance against rival Lenox. Jake is an all-around talent who constantly faces gimmick defenses and still gets the job done. Best of luck to the Wildcats in the Western Mass. Tourney.
*Tank Roberson of St. Joe is a student of history besides being an exceptional hoop player. After he passed Frank Scago to become the all-time scorer at St. Joe, he acknowledged the legacy of Scago, “It’s an honor, Frank Scago was one of the best ever in Berkshire County.”

Roberson would later pass Chad Misiuk of Hoosac Valley to get to no. 2 in county scoring history. He now only trails Sedale Jones of Pittsfield High School.

One can only wonder if the three-point shot came along sooner if the current players could have surpassed the numbers that Scago and other sharp shooters of his era could have put up. That is an argument for another day.
*If you know youngsters who love basketball but might think they are too short to succeed at the sport, The Beacon can point you to some evidence that height can be a non-issue. Get on your computer and “Google” YouTube sensation Julian Newman.
Julian is a fifth grader who plays varsity high school basketball in Orlando, Fla., for Downey Christian School.  He is 4’5″ tall, weighs 70 lbs. and has scored 91 points in a game when in the fourth grade. He is either a talented kid or the time clock was not operating properly during that particular game.
His sister, Jaden, is in sixth grade and has scored 63 points in one game (must have used the same clock). She is also on the varsity team.

Julian has cracked the starting lineup at Downey and averages over 12 points a game. His videos have been viewed by more than 1.4 million people, and he and his sister are referred to as the next Reggie and Cheryl Miller.
Usually when youngsters dominate a junior league and post ungodly numbers, it is because they are bigger than everyone else and their skills don’t develop over time. These two kids could give clinics to college teams on skills. They are the real deal.
*Good luck in the NFL draft, Manti Te’o. Teams will certainly scrutinize your past, but all you can do is display your talents and go from there. If you drop in the draft, you may be passed  by felons and dorm robbers who will never see a college diploma. If you see these guys at the combine, show them yours.
*The New England Patriots must have missed a page in the background check of cornerback Alfonzo Dennard. Five days after he was arrested on April 21 of last year for punching a policeman in the face during a fight outside a bar in Lincoln, Neb., they selected him in the seventh round of the draft.
* Speaking of the NFL draft, I’ve always wondered, who is Mel Kiper Sr.?
*You know its a slow day in sports when ESPN makes a big deal out of Charles Barkley turning 50.

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