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Check the tape

Just to let the announcers know that we are still paying attention, here are some recent observations:

Jim Nantz, CBS golf

Framingham/Natick native James Driscoll was tied for the lead going into the final round at The AT&T at Congressional. I rushed home to follow his Sunday round and noticed that he had vanished into the “CBS Triangle.”

He was in the final grouping, so he was spotted on the tee and the greens but we saw him hit very few shots. When it was his turn to hit, we heard “let’s go to 13,” “let’s go to no. 10” – CBS had lost interest in Driscoll’s final round.

Other than sucking up to everyone at Augusta National, Jim Nantz usually gives us a good, informative telecast. However, on Sunday, he had a “Dick Stockton moment” that knocked me off my chair.

He hit his listening audience with a classic, “I don’t know what has happened to James Driscoll, but he is three over par for his round today.”

Two things about that statement:
1) If your producer chose to show us some of Driscoll’s play, we would know what happened to him.
2) Nantz could find out what happened to Driscoll and tell us. He is there, we are not. He is covering the tournament.

Driscoll is not the most exciting player on the tour, but he has more than $5 million in career earnings, and he donates thousands of dollars to the “Boston Strong ” charities and is a good guy. He makes the final group and gets no recognition from CBS.

When there appears to be an obvious winner on CBS golf telecasts, Nantz can’t wait to tell us the names of the winner’s wife and kids as if he has them on his Christmas card list. Maybe he can go introduce himself to James Driscoll and learn something about him and then apologize.

Tiger Woods did not play in the event because of injury, but we saw more of his shots from previous rounds at Congressional during the Sunday telecast than we did of James Driscoll, who was actually playing.

Don Orsillo, NESN

I made the mistake of tuning into the Red Sox telecast recently and not hitting my mute button before changing the channel.

Before I located my glasses and thus finding the mute button, I had to endure this report from Mr. “In the Inning”:

“He makes the catch for the second out of the eighth inning, two outs here in the bottom of the eighth inning.”

He then read a 30 second WB Mason promo, and when he completed that, he said, “Two outs in the bottom of the eighth inning here at Fenway.”

Don, we have been over this before and you are not getting the message. If we want to know the inning we can look in the box that is on the screen, you don’t have to tell us the inning three times in 40 seconds, we are watching the game.

You confused me on this one, also: “Bailey has three strikeouts since coming into the game [did he have some while warming in the pen?] , two in this inning, three for his outing.”

Help me!¬†And please, there is one out – not one out “in the inning.” Enough!

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