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Catching up with Harry Connick Jr.

It’s Monday morning, 11am, and the phone rings.

It’s Harry Connick Jr. calling me from his home in Connecticut.

Like me, he is New Orleans grown and bred.

He lives in Connecticut because it is so close to NYC and the action.

Sure, he is well known for the television series he starred in and the various roles he has played on Broadway.

To me, he is Harry and Anita Connick’s son—a product of the Crescent City—and full of talent. My wife says that there are three men in her life, Hugh Jackman, Harry Connick Jr. and me.

I feel lucky to be in their company.

We talked about New Orleans, jambalaya and his new album, Every Man Should Know. Harry wrote this album based on reality. The songs focus on his life, his loves, his family and his points of view.

Unlike past albums, it was not written in the “fantasy” genre, but from personal experience. The album covers Harry’s experience through rough times, good times, loving times and times that we feel inadequate. It is what we all go through, each in our own way.

The album is taken from Harry and his 45 year-old perspective.

The album focuses on the experience in life that has created Harry’s philosophical approach to life.

The tag line, “No rules, No limits” is the Harry Connick Jr. philosophy when he opened the door to write this magical album.

Every Man Should Know is about us. His songs are universal and intimate. He has gone somewhere, lyrically, that he has never been to before.

I read the lines to each song as poetry, full of life and experience.

Last week Harry performed at a sold out show at Chateau Ste. Michelle winery in the state of Washington. His father (87 years old), a friend of my parents years ago in New Orleans, joined Harry in singing a rendition of “Bye Bye Blackbird.”

Harry said that each show he does is different. There are no song lists. And often there are surprise guests that create the extra magic Harry Connick Jr. shows are known for.

I asked if 15 year-old daughter, Kate, was going to be part of the concert. She is famous for singing on Harry’s Christmas album, as well as starring on the “Ellen” show. Unfortunately, Harry said that she would be home, preparing for the start of school.


We talked about Tanglewood and how the “Younger Artist” series helps the younger crowd learn about Tanglewood and what a resource it is for the community.

Harry Connick Jr. has had a multi-faceted career. He is a pianist, composer, actor and band leader. He has received three Grammy awards and two Emmy awards. Through his philanthropic endeavors, he has helped New Orleans reshape since Katrina.

Why not join Harry Connick Jr. and his award winning band for a night that will never be forgotten?


When: Saturday, August 31

Where: The Shed at Tanglewood (Lenox, MA)

Time: 7pm

Music: Excerpts from his new best-selling album, Every Man Should Know, plus old standards.


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