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Senior golf series raises scholarship money

The seventh and final event of the Berkshire County Senior Golf Series was staged at General Electric Athletic Association in Pittsfield. A full field competed in the four-man scramble format.

The field was infiltrated by three members of the Wounded Warriors Project, who were members of tournament regular and veteran Pat King’s foursome. These soldiers did not meet the 50-year-old criteria required to participate, but nobody cared. They were guests of the tournament, and they had a blast.

The Gene Andrew Scholarship Fund will benefit from the $1,500 raised during the seven events attended by 450 golfers. Graduates of the Junior Allied Golf Program will be awarded financial assistance to continue their studies.

Breeders’ Cup

It is time to prepare for the 2012 Breeders’ Cup, coming to us, this year, from Santa Anita.

One thing that we can count on is trainer Bob Baffert, who is based in California and has multiple entries, will play a major part in this year’s races. His horses will be over-bet, but some should run very well.

The Europeans will probably dominate the grass events, as is usually the case.

My advice to all that will possibly make a few wagers is simple: If you like a horse, don’t be talked out of it. Most of the horses will be at a price they will never be at again. As Dick Vitale might say, “It’s overlay city, baby.” Good luck.

NBC will begin coverage Friday at 4 p.m. Saturday, they commence at 3:30 p.m. The classic should go off about 8 p.m.
Some observations

*We saw the replay of Hunter Pence’s super slo-mo line drive (which hit his bat three times) 15 times, but Fox never showed St. Louis centerfielder John Jay bobbling the ball to allow a run to score. He was given an error and nobody saw him boot it.

*San Francisco has a tendency to substitute for Pablo Sandoval in late innings. Joe Buck will not tell us of the change.

All of a sudden we see “the panda” in the dugout and have to figure it out for ourselves. I guess it could be worse, Dick Stocton could be doing the games.

*Why didn’t Mark Texiera, at least once, try a bunt down the third-base line when the Tigers had the shift on? It would have probably gone for a double. The Yankees sure could have used a base runner in that series.
* Why do the people in Lee have to pay 10-15 cents more per gallon than the folks in Lenox for the same Mobil gas?

Is it the five-mile difference or is it the Mass Turnpike influence? Maybe during the local debates that question can be addressed.

*I wonder what kind of a student Stephen Colbert was in grammar school. I would love to know his conduct and department grades. You can’t say he doesn’t leave it “all on the field ” during his shows.

*Why can’t the Patriots play the Rams every week?

*It’s incredible the talk show hosts in the Boston area know more about football than Bill Belichick.

*What? Mt. Greylock High School lost a football game?

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