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Girl 2 Girl: Our Idiosyn-crazy Leaves

As I look out my office window I see the dotting of fall, golden leaves float upon a still green canvas on our land’s misty haven.

The girls and I love to take walks and gather the affected leaves; some appear so perfectly colored and others quite flawed.

The truth is the trees from which they fall are beautiful, and yet there are always leaves blemished from weather, the environment or pests that appear damaged. My youngest loves to pick those as she must see a beauty in them that often goes unnoticed.

It makes me think of how we are all human and every single last one of us comes with our own flaws, quirks, weirdness, and even painful past, consequently leaving us misunderstood and leaving our family, friends, and significant others concerned, annoyed, angry and sometimes even to the point of ensuing nausea.

I recently had a funny discussion with my sister and a few gals of the things we deal with everyday.

Of course our own personal whims are much more easily tolerated by ourselves who like to sing in the shower or clean up after someone when they appear ready to be cleaned up after.

My poor hubby is now on guard for his sugar, parmesan cheese, napkin, dinner. He even bellowed the other night, “Grab your stuff girls! Mommy’s in cleaning mode!” with his arms held out shielding his precious table goods.

So what’s so wrong with my lovely singing voice or a tidy house I ask you?

I’m sure it seems like nothing to him when he eats ice cream from a mug and when finished stuffs a paper towel in that by morning or the next day when one, and by that I mean me, happens to come upon it shoved under the couch the paper is stuck to the chocolate inside like glue!

Just put the mug in the sink and the paper towel in the garbage already, please?

Oh there’s also the dusting of Gold Bond powder all over the bathroom and onto the laundry basket. I mean really- we’re not powdering a cake here.

I could pull out a few more as I’m positive he could for me, but let it be your turn to think of those idiosyn-craZies you’re dealing with every day. I know some are more serious than others.

Have you ever confronted the issue?

After doing a bit of research it seems we are not alone… big surprise!

Let’s now go to Guy’s Eye View who likes to take care of these foibles when they first appear upon dating. Just what wheels are grinding in his head?

Here’s what Steve Friedman of has to say along with five methods to stop the insanity plus a bit of my own commentary squeezed in.

#1: Be Gentle- Oh this is a funny scenario. Girlfriend stirs sugar into her coffee for a full five seconds, then says, “ahhh” and taps her spoon on the rim (I do that minus the ahh, well sometimes I might say it). Boyfriend is annoyed, so instead of saying, “What is wrong with you? I can’t stand the psychotic stirring anymore; it’s just sugar, pour, stir, drink, don’t you understand that?!”

He says…

[And I ran out of words so we’ll get to his response next week and elaborate on all five methods.]

#2: Have a sense of humor about it

#3: Blame yourself

#4: Time it right

#5: Ask yourself if it’s worth it

In the interim just remember we all have those damaged leaves, and if we have the ability and the purpose to see the beauty in them, we can be grateful for the whole, wonderful tree.

Ciao Bella



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